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Professional Services

Our goal is a three-month implementation time frame

JCS Professional Services brings extensive expertise to your ICSS™ installation, providing implementation, conversion, and deployment services in a manner that significantly reduces both your time to market and implementation costs. Our goal is a three-month implementation time frame. We accomplish this through automated tools and streamlined processes aimed at simplifying the most complicated tasks, such as data conversion, application integration, and application development.

Implementation Services

Our Implementation Services Team will work with your project team to build a project plan that incorporates the level of service needed for a successful implementation. We are successful at meeting our customer's expectations, mitigating project risk, delivering the right solution, and meeting project timelines and budgets.

Integration Services

Our Integration Services Team focuses on optimizing your existing investments by connecting to and extending existing infrastructure. Using our Application Program Interface (API) set, designed specifically to meet the integration needs of communications providers, our Implementation Services Team can rapidly interface ICSS™ with any component of your existing infrastructure, including network devices for flow-through provisioning, billing systems, Web applications, and call center automation systems.

Conversion Services

At JCS, we recognize the importance of accurately converting data from your legacy system. We employ standard procedures and conversion technology to minimize the risk and effort involved in this process. Since JCS has already defined the data elements ICSS™ requires for conversion, our Conversion Team simply maps these data elements to your legacy data. And, if you are converting more than one database, we will smoothly convert them into one central repository.

Development Services

We embrace a rapid solution deployment process built to specification. Our Development Team accomplishes this through ongoing communication with your team to understand your business and functional requirements, ensuring that your requirements are being built to specification. And, the modular and layered architecture of ICSS™ allows the Development team to isolate modifications without impacting other critical ICSS™ functionality.


Produced by a team of in-house technical writers who specialize in instructional design for the communications industry, our library of learning products includes easy-to-read user guides, installation guides, system administration and configuration guides, and data dictionaries.


JCS provides a series of classes to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to deploy, use, and maintain ICSS™. These classes focus on the technical aspects of our product and real-world business issues and processes. All include lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and the hands-on use of ICSS™.

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