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Intelligent Customer Support SystemsTM

Your relationship with your customer is the key to your business

Today’s communications provider is expected to offer its customers an unprecedented variety of products and services. And, its customers expect an unprecedented level of customer service. You must have a customer management platform that provides all customer information in one place—quickly, accurately, and on-demand. It must be robust enough to meet not only today’s business needs, but also the needs of the future. It must be able to adapt to your new product requirements quickly, without costly customizations and lengthy project time lines. The reliability of your customer management solution is critical to your success.

ICSS is your solution. Since 1996, communications providers have used ICSS to offer multiple products and services to their customers—fixed and mobile telephony, video and cable broadband, and ISP, wireless and other data services. Its ability to provide a complete view of a customer—including account information, order management, flow-through provisioning, and up-sell opportunities—in a call-center environment or through customized Web Services features, increases your operating efficiencies and profits. The agility of ICSS through its open architecture enables quick integration with your existing or expanding infrastructure. Its performance has been fine-tuned in multiple operating environments. It seamlessly links with external rating and billing systems, including legacy systems. The long-term value of ICSS has been proven time and again.

Reliable. Agile. Proven. That is ICSS.

Choose a component:

  1. Customer Care
  2. Intelligent Device Interface (IDI)
  3. Billing
  4. Work Management
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Web Services

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ICSS™ | Distributed Framework Diagram - Click image for larger view.

Customer Care

The Customer Care Module is the centerpiece of ICSS™. It features the following components:

Account & Order Management

Designed for flexibility and ease of use. The user moves easily though the ordering process, featuring a highly intuitive GUI. All customer information is at your fingertips, including complete account and billing information, details on all products ordered and available, and current promotions and packages for up-sell opportunities.

Service Location Management

Provides the information to manage those services available to subscribers that require a physical location. Among other items, it captures service-area-available products and rate information, technical and wiring setups, and routing directions for each service location..

Workflow Manager

Workflow is at the heart of all customer orders. Configurable for your business rules and processes, the Workflow Manager controls each manual and automated task required to deliver products and services to a customer.

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Intelligent Device Interface (IDI)

Manages all communications between ICSS and your OSS environment, whether addressable controllers and digital set-top boxes, cable modems or DNS servers, telephony switches, IVRs, or other intelligent network elements.

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Use the ICSS billing tool to fully automate your existing billing process or utilize the Jones billing engine for a complete, scalable and easy-to-use web based billing solution. Our solutions allow you to automatically produce invoices, both physically and electronically, for effortless distribution. The tool also allows you to track payment history, set up alerts and quickly turn over delinquent accounts.

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Work Management

Simplifies the process of scheduling and managing both workforce and work orders. In Workforce Management, technician profiles allow a user—whether CSR or centralized dispatcher—to dynamically assign work based on availability, skill sets, and dispatch areas, and efficiently manage and change routing assignments. With Work Order Management, updating job status and customer accounts in real-time ensures that tasks are performed based on proper dependencies and priorities.

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Inventory Management

The repository for all customer-assigned assets. It tracks any item with a serial number or address, whether tangible or intangible, and maintains the history of assignment from inventory pool, to technician, to customer. Inventory Management features industry-specific components for fixed line, mobile, cable, broadband, satellite, and Internet services.

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Web Services

Enables customers to use the Internet for self care and Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment, (EBPP) reducing contacts with the call center. Customers can request additional or updated services, see their latest bills, and review the most current product offerings, all without requiring CSR support. When combined with Work Management, it also supports the mobile or remote workforce, making all customer information, schedules, and job status accessible to field staff via the Internet and/or wireless device.

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